Talking retail cannabis April 1 Ontario launch

Great chat yesterday with the Winnipeg Free Press on the upcoming April 1 retail store opening deadline in Ontario: A few cannabis-related media interviews yesterday; great to see that at least the unfinished/in progress inventory levels as reported now via Canada's Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction's Demand & Supply report are heading in the right direction (see ). Noted comments from Hexo CEO that LP's

Saturday morning...thinking big cannabis coffee thoughts...

Enjoying my Saturday morning coffee courtesy of fellow University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management alum Sung Kang and his on-brand Fireside cannabis ( swag! Sung here puts on a clinic creating a new brand from the ground up with an architecture that evokes emotion, meaning, differentiation and purpose/utility where there was none, and at the same time provides a C-45 compliant colour-coded guide for newbies! #retail #cannabis #brand

...and that's a wrap!

Four day speaking engagement in London on behalf of a Canadian firm talking Trade, Infrastructure development, Cannabis and of course Retail. Great sessions, met lots of interesting business thought leaders - learned as much as I shared! Caught this pic in the local paper of some pretty famous local folks on a speaking tour themselves.....practice, practice, practice... #marketing #infrastructure #business #retail #cannabis