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The Retail Apocalypse is a Myth.

A simple narrative masking the

complexity of Canada's single largest

private sector employer & key

economic industry.

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Retail This Week

Each and every week I curate the most interesting & relevant retail stories in Canada and from around the world for the Retail Council of Canada's Retail This Week eNewsletter, which has the largest distribution (25,000+) of any weekly retail eNews letter in Canada.  Click here to subscribe for free. 

The Voice of Retail podcast

My weekly podcast features interviews with the most interesting people in retail, and covers off the most important stories in Canadian retail and from around the world.  You can listen via iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Stitcher & TuneIn radio.

Great news for all my listeners with Amazon Echo/Alexa & Google Home devices - The Voice of Retail podcast and all my retail insight interviews now available via Alexa & Google: just say "play The Voice of Retail podcast"!  

Canadian Retailer Magazine

Regular contributor with an op-ed article in each edition speaking to retail insights and trends including:

  • Loss Prevention

  • Retail Supply Chain

  • eCommerce & Omni-Channel Retail

  • Grocery

Associate publisher of Canada's only dedicated national retail magazine, Canadian Retailer from 2014-2017. 


Retail Store Tours: Toronto & Manhattan

Create and host retail stores tours in Toronto and Manhattan that bring together retailer leaders for an in-person guided tour of the most compelling, most interesting new retail.  Fashioned to help illustrate key retail trends, tours are supported with a comprehensive guide and tour narrative.


Extensive media experience and presence as the Voice of Retail both on behalf of Retail Council of Canada and on my own as an industry expert.  Click the visuals below to access a selection of interviews from where I share my insights on retail and retail trends in television, radio and print and click here to contact me for retail industry insights and commentary.

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Industry Awards

Judge for Retail Council of Canada's 2017 (e-Commerce) and 2018 (Retail Marketing) and 2019 (e-Commerce & Loss Prevention Excellence In Retail awards.


Judge for the Canada Post e-Commerce Innovation Awards, 2016

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