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Retail This Week

HBC's Helena Foulkes brings the business into focus, latest edition of Canadian Retailer mag now available, American short sellers discover Canada on the map, Poshmark CEO credits Marie Kondo, retailers in Canada brace, brace, brace...Amazon closes it's Popups, doubles down on 4-Star and book stores, Diesel USA files Chapter 11, Gap acquires Janie and Jack, Tesla closes retail stores, Bike Store applies for liquor licence and sends neighbourhood into a skid, London gets a cannabis store, Target's $7b in tech investments paying off...all this and more in RCC's Retail This Week!

And... the latest edition of The Voice of Retail podcast is now available! ***Missed #ShopTalk2019 in Vegas? Be sure and listen to the special ShopTalk2019 edition of TVOR podcast!



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