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Retail This Week

DSW announces Canadian expansion & name change, deadline extended for Excellence in Retail submissions, early lessons from the front line of retail cannabis, new paradigm and looking at the Vancouver scene, Instagram launches in-app eCom, Dollar General to open almost 1,000 stores as the bifarcation of retail continues, Marie Kondo drives the resale market, Amazon hires 150 economists, Philadelphia bans cashless...and the past, present and future for sale at Villeray shop....all this and more in RCC's Retail This Week!

Be sure and tune into the latest edition of The Voice of Retail podcast...In this episode part two of my interview with Blue Mountain Village ( Association President Andrew Siegwart chatting about Chinese tourism and the best ways for retailers to maximize the visitor opportunity, plus an exclusive interview with Rent Frock Repeat ( Co-Founder & President Kristy Wieber with breaking news on her pivot for this multiple award winning eCommerce site. Subscribe on iTunes or other major podcasting platforms, and listen on Alexa devices!



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