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Retail This Week Feb 1

Retail This Week: Loblaw making a physical statement in Vancouver, Metro expands eCommerce pilot to Ontario, Rexall & M&M Food Market join forces, cashless in Canada, Asian value brand stores experience success in Canada, 140 parcels a day shipped in China (wow), understanding how Tractor Supply Company (the other TSC) succeeds, Tesco closes deli & seafood counters in 732 stores cutting 15,000 workers, Amazon opening the Souk (after spending $580Million on it two years ago) and Scout, a six wheeled mobile delivery/target for robot revolution believers, where Amazon products go to their next life, cannabis stores closing from lack of inventory, and tech trends spotted at #nrf2019, all this and more in RCC Retail This Week:

Be sure and also have a listen each and every week to the The Voice of Retail podcast. Produced in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada, this edition sponsored by Ted Starkman & StreamCommerce, North America's fastest growing ShopifyPlus agency. Learn more at



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