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The Voice of Retail podcast, Edition No.24

All new for 2019 with enhanced production values (music!) and graphics (c'mon iTunes!) just released the first Voice of Retail podcast for 2019!

Reflections on Boxing Day sales, getting ready for New York and NRF's Big Shop plus a trip to the Dublin Retail Showcase, Canada Goose takes flight in Beijing, remembering Blake Nordstrom and his many contributions to retail and retail in Canada, Shoppers gets clinical, retail tech. in the spotlight, debating Holiday closures, retail cannabis comes to Toronto's Mink Mile (will they win the first round of Wintario?!) and Vancouver, retail looks like it hit over 5% growth for the Holiday in the U.S., and BOPIS has a stunning growth spurt in America...all this and more in the latest edition of the Voice of Retail podcast!

Stay tuned for an exciting year of retailer and retail industry interviews, on the spot reporting and other great content coming your way each and every Friday.

Thanks to Ted Starkman & StreamCommerce (North America's fastest growing ShopifyPlus agency - learn more at for their support!



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