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Tips for happy & safe shopping on Boxing Day with the Toronto Star

Featured in today's (Boxing Day) Toronto Star with some helpful advice for shoppers:

-Know before you go: plan in advance with retailer emails, flyers, online site visits

-Today is not the day to do returns

-Remember the spirt of the season - be kind to one another and particularly the hard-working store associates

-Pack you patience - notwithstanding the tremendous growth of online shopping, it's a busy shopping day!

-Pack a snack! You don't want to go all "Betty White" on someone in the parking lot! -

Bonus ('cause I'm a retailer after all!): Keep an eye on your stuff and your surroundings - shopping crowds unfortunately bring out the bad actors, and while retailers will have plenty of loss prevention professionals on-site, distraction theft (e.g. in the parking lot) can be an issue.

Shop safe my friends!



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