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TVOR Peter van Stolk & Tony Chapman

This week's episode of TVOR podcast is now live, brought to you in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada and sponsored by Ted Starkman & Stream Commerce, North America’s fastest growing Shopify Plus agency

In this episode part 1 of my conversation with serial innovator Peter van Stolk, CEO of based in Vancouver. In a wide ranging conversation we talk about the business he founded, his journey to creating a circular economy business, and the fundamental nature of innovation in retail. Next, a feature interview with Tony Chapman as he expands on his latest article “Mind your P’s but own your Be’s ( ), in advance of his appearance on the main stage at RCC’s STORE conference along with three retail titans David Boone, Joe Jackman and Joseph Mimran

Lastly, a special bonus interview with Michelle Ribout, CMP talking about STORE2019, Excellence in Retail awards and Canadian Grand Prix awards. &



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