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Visiting the Levi's Flagship in NYC

Visited the new Levi's Times Square flagship while in town for #nrf2019 last week - at 11:30PM in the city that never sleeps.

At almost 17,000 square feet it is the largest store in the fleet - impressive for its scale, design and visual presentation. With a customization bar and four on-site tailors, the store also showcases the brand’s 165 years of history and is immersive retail theatre.

I wasn't with Levi's for too long, but the organization and its impressive & talented people Shelley Nandkeolyar, John Fernandes, Julianne Smola, @Shane Forsyth, Debra Kavchak-Taylor, Jenny Chang, Debi Lynch, Alexandra Félix, Alisa Weiner, Andrew Walker to name but a few all left an impression. Great to see another indication that the Levi's brand, their relevance and their retail chops are back!



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