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Chatting with CTV National: Retail Employment numbers

Quick contribution to CTV National News last night in their feature story on December employment numbers in Canada, including retail.

Retail is the largest single private sector employer in the nation, employing over 2.1 Million Canadians. Overall unemployment numbers remain at record lows in Canada, but there are a few tough spots - notably in Alberta where it will likely get worse before it gets better unfortunately.

Retail Council of Canada publishes a comprehensive report each month to help us understand this important sector of the economy. The report takes Stats. Can data and focusses on retail numbers by stripping out Auto & Gas, which can actually have a big impact on the top line number but are less relevant to what we look at. We'll see the tale of the tape in about six week; RCC continues to call 2018 at about 2.5 - 2.8% YOY growth, with double digit growth in online retail.

Feature story begins at 3:53, my spot at 4:56



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