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Retail eNews + Edition No. 14 of the Voice of Retail podcast for the week of October 15, 2018

Updated: Oct 21, 2018

Prohibition ends with impressive same-day sales numbers...100/minute reported by Shopify (oh, and that other US vendor that Alberta choose crashed...Canadian tech!!), 38,000 & 24,000 orders Day 1 in Ontario & Quebec, line-ups across the country (minus Ontario) where there are stores...a page in the history books. In other news, 10Billion dollar Sask. based retailer and distributor Federated Co-op celebrates 90 years, Mastermind launches loyalty program, six more stores and toying around with growing to 120...Longo's purchase of Grocery Gateway in retrospect, VC money flocks to AllBirds...Walmart buys BareEssentials, Sears finally hits the concrete wall....yesh! A busy week in retail all in RCC eNews:



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