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#ShopTalk2019 Reviews & Insights

Day 1 Shoptalk: Insightful and reflective, Nordstrom's Co-President Erik Nordstrom kicked off four days of retail thought leadership Sunday. Some thoughts from his fireside chat: Blake's passing, beyond the impact to the family, impacts the business as each family member brought different skills to the business Customers pulled back on shopping for themselves, not their gift giving for Holiday.

Store traffic in December featured "a sudden step down" which came as a surprise. Check out Nordstrom's results, strong based on their discount banner, here: The Fall 2019 launch of their women's store in NYC is the biggest investment in the company history Nordstrom Local's strategy most popular service is place for customers to do returns - returns come back faster...and better ROI plus BOPIS is easier and on the customers terms.

30% of sales now online

35% of online purchases start with a store visit

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