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The Voice of Retail podcast edition No.26

Recorded live from Dublin attending Showcase Ireland, this edition includes a feature on-site interview with retailers Jennifer Grimm, owner of Edmonton's LuxBeauty, and Melissa Austria, owner of Toronto's GotStyle.

Both were in Dublin checking out the showcase, looking for new and high quality merchandise to offer their customers.

In the news, Staples launches their new retail concept in Toronto, 77 Ontario municipalities opt-out of cannabis retail, Quebec cannabis retail rolls-back their growth due to product shortages, RCC releases their much awaited 2018 Shopping Centre survey, addressing the Knowing-Doing gap from NRF's Big Show, U.S. trying to avoid self-inflicted wounds in 2019, David's Bridal comes out of Bankruptcy whole, and more food kit fails and driverless grocery delivery, all this and more in this edition of The Voice of Retail podcast!



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