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The Voice of Retail podcast No. 27

The latest episode of The Voice of Retail podcast is live!!

This episode: feature interviews with Dave Rodgerson, Retail Industry Leader for Microsoft Canada & Sean Tarry, editor Canadian Retailer magazine.

In the retail news, Loblaw making a physical statement in Vancouver, Metro expands eCommerce pilot to Ontario, Rexall & M&M Food Market join forces, cashless in Canada, Asian value brand stores experience success in Canada, 140 parcels a day shipped in China (wow), understanding how Tractor Supply Company (the other TSC) succeeds, Tesco closes deli & seafood counters in 732 stores cutting 15,000 workers, Amazon opening the Souk (after spending $580Million on it two years ago) and Scout, a six wheeled mobile delivery/target for robot revolution believers, where Amazon products go to their next life, and tech trends spotted at #nrf2019 - all this and more in The Voice of Retail podcast. Produced in conjunction with Retail Council of Canada, and sponsored by StreamCommerce, North America's fastest growing ShopifyPlus agency. Learn more at



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