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Tim Horton's China double-double

Can Tim Horton's translate their Canadian success to the streets of China? Thanks Maple Li and Omni News for the interview and discussion!

Off to a great start with long lines for opening day in Shanghai, China's biggest city with a (more and more) potential coffee drinking population of 26.5Million. Competition is fierce, with Starbucks already long in country including a recently (2017) opened 30,000 square foot Roastery in the same city (though, within a city with just under the same population as the entire Canadian nation, lots of room for opportunity!) Jing Wang great to see you again at #shoptalk2019 - wonder what your team's feedback might be from Shanghai?

Want to hear more? Join me at hashtag#STORE2019 and hear keynote Duncan Fulton, RBI Chief Corporate Officer discuss this and many other opportunities for this storied brand. Learn more and register at



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